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Comin’ Correct

Here’s a new mix of some future and deep house tracks I’ve been feeling and spinning out lately. Feel free to stream, download, share, and like! Any and all support is much appreciated!

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SOUND Nightclub

Super excited to spin with Mau5trap recording artist Heat Maxwell & Them Jeans March 5th 2015 at Sound Nightclub!!! Purchase tickets here.


Hannah Montana.

I recently had the pleasure of dj’ng Casey’s Winter Carnival in Whitefish, MT. And it was a AMAZING. Here’s a short video recap.

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Holy Ship 2014!!!

It’s been one week since we left on our 3rd annual Holy Ship to the Bahamas and I’m still recovering. I don’t know where to begin describing this years experience, so I thought it would be easier to look back on all three years in comparison. The first year was amazing. Running into Skrillex a year after dj’ng with him, seeing him buy shots for a whole bar of people, taking pictures, signing autographs, he is seriously one of the most down to earth dudes I’ve ever met. Then hanging out backstage on a pirate ship with the homie A-Trak, alongside Danny Brown, Diplo, Rusko, and Zedd while Fatboy Slim dj’d a few feet away was unreal. The first year was like going to the grand opening of Disneyland with a bunch of your closest friends. A first experience for everyone, and something I think everyone who was there will take to the grave.


The second year was a year of exploration for our group. We were already familiar with the ship, so it was more about re-connecting with familiar faces, meeting new people, and hearing new music. Running into the homie Xavier from Justice who I hadn’t seen for a few years was super cool. Seeing Gesaffelstein on the main stage blew my mind. Tommy Trash. Kill The Noise. Zedd. Major Lazer. Dillon Francis. The Fat Jew. The Fat Jew… The Fools Gold Rap party destroyed. That party I swear, kills it every year. I wish there was a Fools Gold Rap Party every weekend in l.a. The second year was definitely awesome.


This year. New ship. 1500 more people. Duck Sauce. Chromeo. Disclosure. Flume. Special guest Pharrell who casually flew in on a helicopter?? Secret guest Tiesto? I mean wtf?!?!? There was a water-slide on the ship. A water-slide. I ran into OG Shippers this year. I ran into 2nd year shipfam this year. I met super cool noobs this year. The Fat Head Game was on some whole other level. The ethnic food game in the cafeteria was on point (I have a theory on this…). Probably the most talent in one place, at one time, ever. Both island parties were amazing. They definitely worked out the kinks this year. It was awesome running into Yung Skrill for a split sec and hanging with the homies (and only other people who wore jeans to the beach besides me), Dave & A-Trak. Which reminds me… I know people already know this, but A-Trak seriously killed it. Over. And over. And over. And over. His set the first night was insane. His set on the island was equally insane. He seriously is one of the greatest dj’s of our time. If you haven’t seen A-Trak and there’s one thing you do before you die, go see A-Trak. You’ll thank me. There were so many talented dj’s to see, so many amazing people on board, it really is like one big family on the ship. I don’t remember being this bummed about coming home, but I feel like I just left the greatest place on earth. As much as I want to say I’m over it, the truth is, I miss it. So much. I miss all the positive energy, the friendliness, the energy, ain’t bein’ worried bout’ nothin’. I feel like Holy Ship is my family, something I belong to. And that feels good. Until next year my friends. And if any of you are in l.a., visiting, or simply want to reconnect, you know where to find me.

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NYE 2014 at 1886 in Pasadena!!

Ring in the New Year with Heat Maxwell & yours truly at The Raymond Restaurant’s 1886 Bar!!!


Ticket includes:
– Amazing food throughout the night by Executive Chef Tim Guiltinan
– Bottled Welcome Cocktail
– Midnight Toast
– 1886 NYE Cocktail Specials
– Party favors
– Uber discount codes for first time users
– Good company and great music all night


Tickets – $60 with discount code “WLDHEAT”.  Limited amount of tickets available, this event will sell out!! Purchase tickets here.


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